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Hey y'all!! Thank you for checking out my page.  My name is Jimmy James, I currently reside in New Bedford, Massachusetts.  I have such an expansive taste in music and I bring it all into my songwriting.  I call it my tripolar experience! I have something that everyone can enjoy from rippin' Heavy Metal riffs to tear jerking ballads and then some.

I am a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association International  (NSAI) and also Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI)

My music career began back in 1987 playing in a big hair glam band called HOTT SHOTT.  We had radio play and opened for many national acts.  Over the years I ventured out into playing acoustic cover gigs to help put bread and milk on the table.  I would throw in an original song or two during my sets and got great feedback from my audience.  My Country/ Rock/ Metal influence came from my parents who I fondly called "Donny and Marie".  Dad was all about the Country and 50"s music and Mom was a rocker.  I will forever be grateful for what they instilled in me. 

We are currently in the studio working on my debut album titled "Who The Hell Is Jimmy James".  We are all very excited to see what the future brings as we want to share what we believe will be a mix of Country, Metal, Hip Hop and Soul unlike anything you've heard before.  Please join our mailing list to stay updated on the progress of our journey.  Much love to you all, JJ.